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How To Move From Flirty To Serious On A Chat Line

So you've called a chat line, met someone and are looking to take things a little more seriously. I've recently been there.


Let me tell you about it.


The voice is the gateway to the soul, at least on a chat line. Chat line dating is a significant and modern way to find someone in your neighborhood to date. People of all different backgrounds call into chat lines with the hopes of finding a romantic connection with someone who they meet on the phone. The goal for most is to make something real out of the call and to move beyond just friendly flirtation over a phone date. Moving into serious territory can be scary and intimidating. This is especially true if you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your own skin while phone dating. You might find yourself really enjoying the person who you are speaking with, but you also might have no idea how to elevate the relationship. Knowing some tips and tricks is going to help you understand how to turn something flirty into something serious on a chat line.


Make Your Intentions Clear: Being direct is the first step in advancing your relationship. Honesty is always best in situations like these and your frankness is going to help you more quickly reach your goals. You can tell your date that you are looking for the real thing.


Don’t Fear Rejection: This isn’t easy. Rejection is hard for many individuals to stomach. As human beings, we are naturally averse to rejection. Chat lines make dealing with rejection easier. There is always someone to move on with if you get rejected. Think about it like this: Rejection just means you aren’t wasting any more time.


Talk About The Future: Bring up your ideal future. Your date might have the same ideals as you. If your phone chat partner shares your fantasy of the future, then you know that you have met someone really special. Bringing up the future is a great way to plant seeds that you would like your relationship to have a future.


Talk About Your Past: Your past is just as important as your future. Knowing about your date’s past and sharing tidbits about your own is going to make your bond very strong. Secrets are what builds lasting relationships. Opening up will make your date feel very close to you which will also make your relationship stand the test of time.


Have An Open Mind: Your date might not be ready to move to that next level with you into a more serious realm. If your chat line flirtation with this person is worth it, then stick it out. Your match might be worth the wait. Also... there are tons of possible reasons why your date wants to take things slow. Maybe they had a bad experience in the past and are overly cautious, or maybe they just don’t move quickly with their relationships. Respect the space if they need it.


Always Plan Ahead: You want to show your date that you are serious. That is why planning ahead is important. Always plan the next time you and your phone date are going to connect on the platform again. Show that person that you intend on maintaining your connection.


These tips hopefully give you a sense of direction. Feeling lost with someone you have been dying to find is never a good feeling. Use these tips and tricks to solidify the connection you have already been working on with that chat line date.

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