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Why Chat Lines Are Better Than Other Forms Of Dating

Dating can be a drag. If you are at all nervous about your personality or appearance, it feels like an unfair challenge. People who are overly confident or those who seem to walk in the light have it really easy in the dating world. But everyone, even the very anxious, deserves to find love and enjoy the perks of being in a relationship with someone special. Chat lines are great for everyone, but they are especially helpful for daters who feel a little insecure at times.
There are really only three ways to find someone to date. You can be set up by a friend, bump into an interesting stranger in public, or go the virtual dating route. In thinking about the first two types (being set up and meeting someone in public), there seems to be a lot of pressure involved. Why is there so much pressure? Well, it has to do with shallow expectations. When you are set up by a friend, for example, you are expected to live up to your friend's description of you. There's also always the chance that you'll meet the person you've been set up with and feel no chemistry whatsoever. Not only does it feel like a waste of time, but it can also be a very big waste of money if you are expected to pay for the date.
Bumping into someone you fall for feels like a scene out of a romantic comedy movie. It appears movie-like because it's a very unlikely scenario. In the modern world, the idea that you could run into your soulmate at the gym, a coffee shop, or a bar is pretty unlikely. Even for those aforementioned confident people, this isn't likely. It's even harder if you are shy.
Virtual Dating


We are living in a digital world where even dating and relationships have benefited from the internet and the availability of cellphones. What has resulted is undoubtedly convenience and the ability for shy or nervous people to meet others without even stepping outside of their front door. It's great because you can meet someone really special without feeling the pressure of living up to an expectation. It also saves you time, energy, and money when you don't have to test-drive your soulmates on actual dates. What is lost though is the benefit of human-to-human contact. Interactions on dating apps can sometimes feel very fake or ingenuine. Dating apps and sites also forge connections based on photos and chat bubbles. Both of these things can be manipulated, which doesn't make for meaningful interactions.
Chat lines, however, take the best parts of real-life dating and combine them with the best parts of virtual dating. Phone chat, as you probably know, is dating through phone call communication. You have to talk to someone using your voice without the falseness of an edited chat. And chat lines don't allow others to judge you based on your appearance. It's all about that connection you make through the art of conversation. You can forgo all worries surrounding insecurities and simply talk to your chat line match via the phone to see if something real will come of the talk. If you don't like someone, all you have to do is move onto the next person without paying for the dinner bill or smiling through an awkward blind date.


Here are the benefits to chat line dating:

  • No need to dress up
  • No need to plan a fancy dinner
  • No expectations to live up to 
  • Connections based on real conversations
  • Fall in love with someone's personality
  • No pressure
  • Move on quickly if your match doesn't meet your dating needs
  • Quick, easy, and painless
  • It connects you with others who live in your area
  • Skip the small talk 
  • Find real love 

In short, chat lines are the most superior form of modern dating that allows for relationships to blossom based on your chemistry over the phone. It's great for shy people who need that added comfort of dating from home but want to establish something meaningful with another local single who they can bond with.

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